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Note To Quiz Colony's Quiz Candidates

It is Important that candidates for Quiz Colony's Promotional Weekly Quiz Program on our site should strictly follow these instructions.

Below are the Terms and Conditions for use of www.quizcolony.com. Please read these carefully. If you need to contact us regarding any aspect of the following terms of use of our website, please contact us on the following email address support @ quizcolony . com.

By accessing the content of www.quizcolony.com (hereafter referred to as website), you agree to the terms and conditions set out herein and also accept our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions you should not continue to use the Website and leave immediately.

  1. You agree that you shall not use the website for any illegal purposes, and that you will respect all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. You agree not to use the website in a way that may impair the performance, corrupt or manipulate the content or information available on the website or reduce the overall functionality of the website.
  3. You agree not to compromise the security of the website or attempt to gain access to secured areas of the website or attempt to access any sensitive information you may believe exist on the website or server where it is hosted.
  4. You agree to be fully responsible for any claim, expense, losses, liability, costs including legal fees incurred by us arising from any infringement of the terms and conditions in this agreement and to which you will have agreed if you continue to use the website.
  5. The reproduction, distribution in any method whether online or offline is strictly prohibited. The work on the website and the images, logos, text and other such information is the property of www.quizcolony.com (unless otherwise stated).
  6. Registration of your name on this site is an indication that you accept in its entirety, the outcome of the weekly quiz competition as deemed fit by the management of Quiz Colony Website.
  7. Registration for weekly quiz requires a membership self registration on our site where you are required to click the link "Register" located at the top right or bottom of all pages on our website.
  8. Registration should be done ONLY ONCE for those registering for weekly quiz program competition. Violation attracts immediate termination of the two accounts without notice.
  9. Minimum number of 10 active members (excluding the admin) is required before the first kick-off quiz is allowed to take place.
  10. It is a must that before you become a winner of our promotional quizzes, your profile on our website must be completed with real valid information, and your real photo uploaded. This is to say that the most important part of your profile required for you to get the monetary award when you become a winner is your personal bank account details where it will be sent to, followed by your photo and other information. Also note that your bank account name must be the same with your name as provided in your profile. This is to say that if you become a winner, your money must be sent to a bank account bearing your name and not any other name. Failure to get this right will result in you loosing your money for the week without any notification for it. Be warned.
  11. Once a winner emerges per week, the monetary award will be transferred to his/her personal bank account either on Friday or Saturday and not beyond. In the event where the money is to be transferred and we discover the winner does not have his bank details in his profile, we reserve the right to withdraw sending the monetary award to him/her due to incomplete profile and will never alert him/her about it. That's his/her loss and serves as a punishment.
  12. The winner of our quiz is judged by who got all the answers correct in the shortest possible time.
  13. Assuming 2 or more people got all answers correct and spent exactly the same amount of time to take the quiz, the first person amongst them to have taken the quiz becomes the winner.
  14. The admin of Quiz Colony reserves every right to deciding those who won in the quiz taken per week in the shortest possible time.
  15. Once a winner emerges and receives the monetary award in his/her personal bank account, he/she is required to do the following: A: - Write a new short post where you are giving testimony about Quiz Colony being real; add the link www.quizcolony.com to it. Attach a snapshot of payment proof to it which shows the alert you received from your bank which they sent you either through email or SMS. And then post it as a new article to Nairaland.com and Facebook. Afterwards when you have done this, send us the links of the posts through our email address: Support Email or through Whatsapp on 09037007438 for verifications. B: - Copy same testimony and post it on our website in testimonial section of our forum channel via the link: www.quizcolony.com/forum.html and also on testimonial page. C: - Optionally share same testimony through other social medias like Linda Ikeji Blog, Twitter, Word of Mouth, Forums, Blogs, etc. We really will appreciate this a lot and consider putting your name in our bonus reward list of those to receive Free Gifts without having to take any quiz for it. D: - Finally, cast a vote in our QC Polls section located by the right of this page.
  16. Failure to do number 15 above will attract 3 weeks ban on the site and the winner is expected to do what is asked of him/her and then send an apology email to us to support[at]quizcolony.com which includes the links we demanded. This is expected to be done within the 3 weeks ban. If after the 3 weeks ban and we did not receive the apology email, we will terminate and ban his/her account and never allow him/her register again on our site.
  17. If a user's account is banned on our site for any reason at all and he/she registers again on the site with another details, note that we will still fish the account out and terminate and ban it for life on our site.
  18. Picture placement on our site is strictly for those who became winners of our weekly quiz.
  19. The picture of the winner per week may be placed on our site with a link to their Facebook accounts attached to them as a form of boosting them on the internet. This is a way of allowing our site members to contact them if they so need and also a way of saying thank you for participating to them.
  20. Go through what you need to know about the weekly quiz webpage for more information about Quiz Colony's Weekly Quiz Program.
  21. You are not allowed to allow someone else to make use of your account. Violation may lead to immediate termination of account without notice.
  22. You agree to be receiving invitation notification email once every week from us to participate on our weekly quiz once a new quiz is published on Quiz Colony's website.
  23. You are not allowed to take a single quiz two or more times per week.
  24. The admin and their associates that manage Quiz Colony reserve the right to removal of old features or updating of new ones on this site.
  25. This terms of service and disclaimer below are subject to modification without your notice.
  26. You agree to be bound by this terms of service the moment you register yourself on our website.




  1. Though we strive to be completely accurate in the information that is presented on our site, and attempt to keep it as up to date as possible, in some cases, some of the information you find on the website may be slightly outdated.
  2. Quiz Colony reserves the right to make any modifications or corrections to the information you find on the website at any time without notice.
  3. Quiz Colony, Chinnyfranklin Enterprise Nigeria (CFEN) and their associates shall not be held responsible for any loss/damage of anything at all, using our website may incur on you for not following the set of rules displayed in the terms of service above and this disclaimer.
  4. Quiz Colony, Chinnyfranklin Enterprise Nigeria (CFEN) and her associates shall not be held responsible for terminating your account for violating any rule that requires account termination.
  5. Quiz Colony, Chinnyfranklin Enterprise Nigeria (CFEN) and her associates shall not be held responsible for putting a ban on your account for whatsoever offence you commit that attracts the punishement of temporal ban.
  6. Quiz Colony and her associates will not be held liable for late receival, or non receival of weekly quiz publication notification email caused by your mail processing server.


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Practice Quiz Ige Abigail 60.00
Practice Quiz Ige Abigail 30.00
Practice Quiz Ige Abigail 50.00
Practice Quiz ifeoma nnamani 90.00
Practice Quiz Theodore Odan 70.00
Practice Quiz Olumide Aiyedun 40.00
Practice Quiz Theodore Odan 0.00
Practice Quiz Samuel Owosina 82.00
Practice Quiz ayoola olaluwoye 60.00
Q: Promotional Quiz (25th - 31st December, 2016) David Adebayo 0.00

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